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Small groups

Small group Maths workshops focus on a single “tricky” area of maths in an intensive one-day session. They are ideal for pupils who are generally doing okay but find there are one or two topics they haven’t got to grips with.

The workshops promise at least one full NC level improvement in one day.

I run workshops in: Algebra; Fractions & Percentages; Ratio & Proportion; Indices, Roots & Surds; Triangle Geometry; Circle Geometry; Line Graphs & Line Equations.

Every topic is covered at several levels from Basic up to A*.

Workshops are held two or three times a month in and around Battle, on Saturdays and Sundays during term-time and also during school holidays.

Workshops cost £75 for the day.

"Nicky has helped me realise I can actually do maths." - Jemima (13)